AZCLA, Arizona Community Leadership Academy
AZCLA, Arizona Community Leadership Academy

Arizona Community Leadership Academy


The Community Leadership Academy is a free 6-week course that trains people with disabilities for positions in public leadership, and helps to connect the interests and expertise of participants with appropriate service opportunities. During the course, we will:

  • Identify and develop our leadership skills
  • Learn to serve in active leadership roles for nonprofit and government boards
  • Network with community leaders
  • Hear from legislative candidates, nonprofit executives, and other guest speakers

The CLA imparts necessary leadership skills through a combination of lecture, guided discussion, guest speakers, hands-on exercises, and networking events. Graduates will not only be able to bring the disability perspective into decisions on general public welfare, but will contribute their own unique talents and expertise to the communities in which they serve.

Leadership and the Disability Community

Did you know that less than 1% of government roles are held by people with disabilities?

People with disabilities make up a significant part of the general population, yet do not have an equal voice in planning, policy, and service decisions that are part of healthy community development. Decisions made in every sector – medical, business, financial, transportation, environment, public utilities, social services, etc. – effect the public en mass. No one segment of the population is safe from poor air quality, poverty, or ill health. Community leadership, therefore, should be representative of the diverse demographics that make up this country, including people with disabilities.

Apply for the Community Leadership Academy

To apply for the CLA, submit your application online using the form below. Please note that to earn your graduation certificate for the course, you must be able to attend at least five (5) classes.

**ASL interpreters and CART are available by request.

If you have any questions, or need assistance filling out your application, contact Gillian Carr at (602) 682-5581 or

For more information and to apply go to

Fall session:
Fridays, September 28th – November 2nd 11-2PM
Ability360, Boardroom