Disability Survival Guide

Disability Survival Guide Cover

Whether your new disability is permanent or temporary, it is probably causing changes in your life.

Not only does your disability affect you, but also your family, friends, and possibly your co-workers and employer.  A legion of professionals (doctors, social workers, attorneys, etc.) have likely given you “expert” advice on what lies ahead for you.  As good as their information is, they probably are not people who have a disability of their own.  Let’s face it, in your most private moments, only you know what you are experiencing.  That is why we have put together the all new DSG.  The DSG is designed and written by those of us who have disabilities.  We have “been there”.  Although each person’s disability is unique, there are some common elements between your experience and that of the 54 million others in the country with a disability.  The DSG tells it like it is.  After you read it, we hope you will come away from it with two things: 1) life with a disability is not the end of the world- it’s just a new beginning, and 2) knowing where to go, and taking charge of getting there, will make life full, exciting, and rewarding.  To download PDF version:  DSG 2014 v1.3.  The guide is available online here.  If you would like a printed copy, please stop by any Ability360 office or email Pam Larson at paml@ability360.org.