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Go to the online Arizona Legislative Information System website at www.azleg.gov to find:

  • Your legislator contact information and bills they have sponsored or co-sponsored
  • Legislative committee information
  • The process a bill has to go through to become law
  • Proposed legislation – bill content, overview and summary
  • Legislative committee members and committee schedules
  • Ability to testify on bills at committee hearings online through the “Request to Speak” (RTS) system**
  • Personalized tracking system called “ALIS” that allows you to register and track bills that are important to you

** To use this personalized bill tracking system or testify online, you need to first get signed up in the electronic system, which must be done in person at the state Capitol. Kiosks for signing up are located in the House of Representatives and in the Senate.


Check out the Arizona State Legislature website: www.azleg.gov

Need to learn more about the legislative process? See Arizona Bill or Bill to Law.

Find and review bill information HERE.

Learn about the budget process HERE.

Research the State Constitution HERE.

Learn more at Frequently Asked Questions linked HERE.


To find United States Congressional Representatives, go to:


To find Congressional bills: