Find Your Elected Officials

Image of AZ Senator Jeff Flake, gesturing while sitting at a desk.

Who speaks for you?

All advocacy on a political level begins with knowing who represents you in the legislature and how you can reach them to voice your views – and maybe change their minds.

Your State Legislators:

If you’re a resident of Arizona, then you have one state senator and two state representatives. Your state senator votes in the Arizona Senate; your state representatives vote in the Arizona House of Representatives. Both houses work together to pass state legislation. These state legislators represent your Arizona district, which is based on your home address and zipcode.

To find your state senator and representatives, click the button below and type your address into the Common Cause form. You can also use the form to find your Arizona district, which is listed below the names of your state legislators.

Your Federal Legislators:

In addition to state legislators, who write and pass bills for Arizona, you also have federal legislators, who write and pass bills for the entire country. All U.S. citizens have two U.S. senators and one U.S. representative. Your U.S. Senator votes in the U.S. Senate; your U.S. Representative votes in the U.S. House of Representatives. Like the state legislature, both houses work together to pass federal legislation.

If you’re a resident of Arizona, then John McCain and Jeff Flake are your U.S. senators. Your U.S. representative is based on your district.

U.S. Senator John McCain

(602) 952-2410
(520) 670-6334

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U.S. Senator Jeff Flake

(602) 840-1891
(520) 575-8633

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And don’t forget…

Your governor! Doug Ducey is the Arizona state governor, and he represents all Arizonans. Though he does not personally write or vote to pass legislation, his voice is important in influencing public opinion – and the legislators’ votes.

The Arizona legislature meets January through May of 2018.

Our conversations now will shape bills then. Reach out to your representatives today and tell them what matters to you!

Now that you know who your legislators are, click here to learn how to call them, write a personalized letter or email, or visit them in their local offices!

AZ Governor Doug Ducey
Governor Doug Ducey

(602) 542-4331
Twitter: @dougducey