The Mast House: Home of Success

Ability360 has a transitional living house, the Mast House.  This home, located in north Scottsdale, Arizona, was generously gifted to Ability360 by Robert G. Mast, following his death in July of 2003.  Mr. Mast, an airline mechanic, lived with a disability his entire life and was a long-time friend of Ability360 who believed deeply in the Independent Living philosophy.

Mast House

Mast House Living Room

Mast House Bath Room

Mast House Dining Room

Mast House Laundry Room

Mast House Backyard

Since that time, Ability360 has made this house available, on a rental basis, for consumers who are in transition and need an affordable, accessible, temporary place to live.  Consumers, along with caregivers or family members, can stay in the Mast House for a maximum of eight weeks.  This eight-week period gives consumers time to ready accessible housing, organize resources and in some cases, finish out-patient rehabilitation.

Ability360 does not discriminate based on disability. The Mast House has accessible features, such as a roll-in shower, no-step entries, etc., designed to accommodate a target audience of persons with physical or mobility impairments.

Affordable Transitional Housing

The rental rate is $400 per month, plus an additional $50 per month for each additional occupant.  It is available on a first-come basis.  Recently, the Mast House has been in greater demand than ever before.  The previous tenants have all been appreciative that this facility exists and have given it high praise as a resource for helping them move toward accessible, community-based housing.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

A recent occupant – a young Native American man with a spinal injury – stated that the Mast House gave him the ability to live in Phoenix for the course of his out-patient therapies, rather than having to drive from Flagstaff each day.

Another recent Mast House resident moved from a different state and used her eight-week Mast House stay to enroll in local programs and explore housing options available to her in the Phoenix metro area.  There have been many consumers who have benefited from the Mast House, each with unique circumstances, needs and outcomes.  The common thread in each of their stories is that they all appreciated and benefitted from the stability the Mast House provided them.

A Lasting Legacy

Ability360 greatly appreciates the generosity of Robert Mast.  His gift of transitional housing for people with disabilities will leave a lasting legacy to the disability community.

If you are interested in receiving further information about the Mast House, please contact
Don Price
Early Intervention Coordinator
Phone:  602-443-0726