Path to Empowerment

Transition Services Support Program

Support by the National Council of Independent Living

The Path to Empowerment Transition Services Support Program is quite diverse as Ability360 plans to incorporate many facets of our continuum of services.

Who is eligible for this program?

Youth and adults with a Spinal Cord Injury that have received services in a rehabilitation setting or clinic in the last 24 months and are in need of transitional services.

Girl doing a wheelie in a manual wheelchair.

General Outreach
Benefits 2 Work (Ability360’s work incentives consulting program) can reach 30 youth with SCI through dissemination of resources promoting employment for youth receiving Social Security Disability benefits. Printed materials will be provided by Ability360.

Direct Resource Distribution
Benefits 2 Work can provide direct financial resources to ten youth with SCI. Funds will be distributed to assist youth and their family in accessing services to promote and/or support employment. Examples include:

  • Transportation cost to and from WIPA (work incentives consulting) services
  • Transportation cost to and from Disability Resources Centers at post-secondary education locations
  • Transportation to programs supporting employment
  • Clothing allowance and accommodations for internships and/or job interviews

Youth Transitions Services Contact:
Nicholas Love
(602) 443-0705

Reintegration from Nursing Home Services
Reintegration funds would be used to help consumers as they transition from nursing homes into more independent living arrangements or to pay the rent for use of a transitional home. Monetary support will provide for household goods and other costs related to furnishing a residence. Transition from nursing home can also include use of Ability360’s transitional home, Mast House, allowing a consumer with SCI to transition there for 8 weeks until more permanent housing can be secured. Without Mast House, the consumer would remain or be placed in a nursing home.

Reintegration Program contact:
Stacey Zimmerman
(602) 296-0534

Mast House transition home contact:
Don Price
(602) 443-0726

Our Early Intervention program provides resources and support to consumers in rehabilitation settings, assisting them as they transition from rehab to the community. Our Early Invention Coordinator visits over 300 consumers per year, many of which have spinal cord injuries. Each consumer is provided with peer counseling and a variety of resources and information, including the Disability Survival Guide (DSG); this publication of Ability360 contains an information and referral directory, related articles and other information appropriate to newly-injured individuals and their families.

Early Intervention Contact:
Don Price
(602) 443-0726

The Sports & Fitness Center will support individuals with SCI transitioning from rehabilitation or hospital settings to the community. This program will help transitioning consumers learn how to safely stay active and reduce the chances of secondary conditions and re-entry into the hospital or rehab setting. Funds will scholarship membership costs, Dial-A-Ride or Valley Metro transportation vouchers; Initial, mid-year and end-of-year assessments; fitness orientations and two personal training sessions.

Sports & Fitness Center Contact:
Brielle Carter
(602) 626-7250