Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Portrait of an ABIL volunteer.ABILITY360 provides a variety of volunteer opportunities to give back to the community, gain vocational skills, and enjoy social interaction with a purpose.

Volunteer opportunities include:

 General Volunteer Qualifications

•   Weekly clerical support in ABILITY360DEC office – volunteers assist ABILITY360staff with office projects
•   Participate in monthly volunteer groups at ABILITY360DEC office
•   Unpaid Internships

ABILITY360Volunteers must complete an application and provide three character references. All volunteers must successfully complete a fingerprint and background check. General volunteers must complete the ABILITY360 General Volunteer Orientation class.

For more information on the Volunteer application process, contact the ABILITY360 Volunteer Program Manager April Reed, LMSW 602-296-0533 or aprilr@ability360.org

The Benefits to Volunteering at a Non-Profit by PublicHealth.org

Click a link below to view our General Volunteer Application:

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ABILITY360Board of Directors

ABILITY360Board membership opportunities are available for individuals who have a strong belief in independent living and self-determination philosophy and a history of leadership and community advocacy. For more information on Board membership and the application process, contact the ABILITY360 Board of Directors or call 602-296-0545.