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Golf with Ability360


  • 12th Longbow 8 & 8:10 tee times
  • 26th Papago 9-11


  • 23rd Papago 9-11


  • 9th Longbow 8 & 8:10 tee times
  • 23rd Papago 9-11


  • 13th (somewhere, but will be around 8am tee times)
  • 27th Papago 9-11


  • 11th Longbow 8 & 8:10 tee times

$5 members, $10 non-members

Sign up with Tim, or call (602) 386-4566

Golf with Barrow Neurological Institute


  • 5th Encanto 9-10:30
  • 19th Agulia 9-10:30


  • 2nd Encanto 9-10:30
  • 16th Palo Verde 10:30-12


  • 2nd Encanto 9-10:30
  • 16th Aguila 9-10:30


  • 6th Encanto 9-10:30
  • 20th Palo Verde 10:30-12


  • 4th Encanto 9-10:30


Sign up with Elizabeth at 602-406-1602.

Golf offers people the opportunity to enjoy a day outdoors while interacting with friends, colleagues and competitors. It is often where business partners are forged and where couples recreate. Unfortunately, for someone with a disability, the golf course is not too accessible.

Ability360 Sports & Fitness Center offers two styles of adaptive golf carts to accommodate those with mobility issue while at the course. We offer the carts for a minimal fee for usage.
*Extra fees apply based on transportation to course and distance traveled.

Paramobile  “Stand Up and Play”

Technology has come to the rescue. The all new Paramobile allows golfers who are confined to a wheelchair to traverse the links and stand up to swing their clubs. The Paramobile was originally designed for disabled golfers, but can also be customized for use in other sports and leisure activities such as fishing or archery for example.

The therapeutic benefits of the golf game for physically limited players are immense. It stimulates the metabolism, stretches the muscles, reduces spasticities and enhances the mobility of their joints. The all-terrain Paramobile with its patented stand-up device combines practical know-how with innovative ideas for maximum playing fun. Its unequalled stability when the golfer is hitting the ball enables performance that is comparable to those of non-handicapped players.

The SoloRider

For individuals with mobility-impairments, SoloRider has taken the evolution of the golf car one step further. The patented seat, the ergonomic hand controls, the repositioning of the golf bag, and the turf-friendly design have opened a whole new world of accessibility.

On the golf course, SoloRiders can be used in many ways, depending on the circumstances, the golfer’s needs and course rules. At all times, respect for the course is expected of SoloRider golfers. SoloRiders can be driven as a standard golf car according to course rules and driven on greens and tee boxes

If you have any interest in trying the Paramobile or SoloRider please contact:
Tim Surry at 602-386-4566 or email at