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The Independence Cup

Ability360 is proud to present our first ever inclusive gaming tournament, featuring Rocket League as the premier game of choice. Proceeds from the tournament will benefit the Ability360 Phoenix Rising Power Soccer Team, and honor former players Austin Cuaderno and Everett Frahm. Additionally, this exciting event promises to bring attention to the many diverse supports and services offered by Ability360.


July 4th, 2023




Free to participate

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About Ability360

an organization for all abilities

Ability360 is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization run by people with disabilities, for people with disabilities to address needs and barriers within the community. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Ability360 provides services throughout the state of Arizona.

power soccer & Rocket League

Rocket League and Power Soccer share a common theme of playing soccer in non-traditional ways. However, Power Soccer is specifically designed for individuals with disabilities, and players use power wheelchairs. While Rocket League has become a mainstream esports title with a competitive scene and professional players, Power Soccer has also gained recognition as an adaptive sports game, with international tournaments and organizations dedicated to promoting the sport.

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We are excited to work with a multitude of diverse organizations that share our vision and mission. Your support will not only benefit our event, but also showcase your brand to a diverse audience and provide valuable networking opportunities.

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