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Advocacy Services

Ability360 provides a variety of advocacy assistance.

On a cloudy day on the lawn of the the white house, a man who uses a power chair uses a microphone on a stage to talk to the crowd. A woman stands near him using sign language.

Advocacy Programs

Monthly Workshops

If you would like to learn advocacy skills or how systems work in a group setting, come attend one of our monthly advocacy workshops. To find the latest workshops, check out our Ability360 Events Calendar.

Arizona Education & Empowerment Initiative Classes

If you would like to learn about advocacy skills, systems, and your civil rights as a person with a disability, join the AZEEI. For more information or to sign up, visit our AZEEI Page.

Photograph: Lynn Black teaching a group of people who have disabilites in a classroom.

This is MY Life – Learn Self-Advocacy Skills

(for Persons 16 + with Developmental Disabilities in the DDD System)

Learn to speak up for yourself; how to set goals and problem solve; about human rights, and how to make more life choices at your DDD planning meeting and your life. Find out More - This is My Life.

Two woman sit opposite each other at a table. They are having a conversation.

Peer Mentoring Program

If you need the support of someone who has already been there, done that — someone who can go along with you, cheer you on, and support you in accomplishing your goals — Request a Peer Mentor.

Legislative Advocacy

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Contact us at advocacy@ability360.org or (602) 256-2245

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