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Oct 07 2023 - Dec 29 2023

Adaptive Rowing

If you love being on the water, are looking for a new sport, or just love a challenge, come join our Adaptive Rowing program. Become a participant in one of the oldest Olympic sports with the Ability360 “Cactus Crew!” (This is a program for new and experienced rowers.)

In Adaptive Rowing you will learn the basics of rowing including, seat set-up, boat rigging and handling, as well as learning the skills necessary to move the boat! In addition, there will be some rowing indoors on the rowing machines to improve technique, gain stamina, and gain an understanding of basic rowing workouts. If you have rowed before, this is your chance to refine your technique and further develop your skills.

No rowing experience is necessary, but you should be exercising regularly prior to beginning this program. Must be able to self-transfer to/from a seat that is at ground level. Must be able to pass a float test*.

Adaptive Rowing will run in three, one-month sessions, September 18 – December 10. Cost for each session is $100 per rower, per month.

There are three practice times per week; each rower will choose two sessions to attend:

Adaptive Rowing 2023 Schedule

Mondays: Starting at 8am

Wednesdays: Starting at 6pm

Saturdays: Starting at 9am

Session 1: September 18th – October 10th

Session 2: October 16th – November 12th

Session 3: November 13th – December 10th

The cost for this course is $100 per rower, per month. Space is limited so sign up today!

*Float tests may/may not be administered, depending on time of year.

If you have any questions, please email Jennifer at jenniferb@ability360.org, or Kaitlyn at kaitlynv@ability360.org

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