A person rowing at tempe town lake.


Dec 05 2022

Introduction to Para Rowing

Intro to Para-rowing will teach you basic rowing techniques, seat set-up, and on-water training. This class is structured in two steps. For the first 5 weeks, rowers will learn basic techniques and seat set-up using rowing ergometers at Ability360. All para-rowers will start with off-water training. The use of the ergometer is to gain muscle memory using proper stroke technique, gain stamina, and understand basic rowing workouts.

On-land erg training will start on Friday, September 2nd for the month of September. Erg training is fundamental and mandatory in order to start on-water trainings. On-water training will start on Monday October 3rd and will happen every Monday and Friday morning until December 16th. On-water rowing sessions will be at Tempe Town Lake.

The cost for this introductory class is $100 per person. Space is limited so sign up now.

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