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Cranial Sacral Coaching

Cranial Sacral Coaching

Cranial Sacral Coaching

A light touch coaching session that enhances the cranial sacral system of the body. This system produces the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that protects and assists the delicate tissues of our nervous system.

The coach uses gentle touch points and movements at various places from the feet to the head listening to the rhythm of the client’s CSF, freeing restrictions in the flow of CSF in the body alleviating tension in the fascia tissues of the muscles and organs. This can calm an overactive nervous system by re-engaging the parasympathetic or relaxation system of the body, bringing alignment and equilibrium back into the central nervous system.

Cranial Sacral Massage

Who can benefit from Cranial
Sacral Coaching?

Anyone who suffers from PTSD, migraines/headaches, chronic pain or illness, auto-immune illness, injury recovery, low back pain, SI-joint pain, shoulder injuries, whiplash, anxiety,
depression, fever in children, braces, plagiocephaly/baby helmet, primary caregivers, muscle recovery, insomnia, high stress, etc.

What is Private Yoga?

Private Yoga is one-on-one customized yoga instruction tailored to fit the needs of clients using various yoga postures and guided meditation to address specific areas of the body. We will adapt your yoga training to meet your specific needs.

Who can benefit from Private Yoga?

Anyone who desires one-on-one customized yoga training to help supplement their exercise program or support their recovery.

Carolyn, Yoga teacher

Meet Coach Carolyn Drake

Carolyn has taught at Ability360 Sports & Fitness since we have opened and has worked with all disabilities. She has recently completed her 800-Hour Advanced Yoga Therapy certification with specialties in transformational yoga coaching and integrative cranial unwinding coaching.

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Brielle Carter, M.S.
Program Coordinator

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