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Thunderbird Charities “Birdies for Charity”

You can help Ability360 raise much needed funds by making a pledge to the Birdies For Charity program at the 2021 Waste Management Phoenix Open! The program runs from now through Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021 at 5 p.m. 

In addition to every dollar you pledge, Ability360 will also receive a 10% BONUS* on the total amount of pledges collected on our behalf during the 2021 Waste Management Phoenix Open Birdies For Charity Program. 

*A charity must have a minimum of $500 in paid pledges by the payment deadline and the bonus will not exceed $12,500.

Click the link below to make your pledge today! 

A large group of men stand together in fine suits. Two men in the group use wheelchairs. A large check sets in front of them for $100,000 to A.B.I.L from Thunderbirds Charities.

Three young boys from the Schubert Family, standing outside together.

Schubert Family Fundraiser

Jeffry, Scott and Ross Schubert are on a mission.  Their goal is to raise $5,000 for a new power rack for the Ability360 Sports & Fitness Center. Learn more about why they are supporting Ability360 by watching this short video. Donations can be made directly to Ability360 in the donate section above

Power Rack

Ability360 Squat Rack will Include:

– Rogue RML 690C 3.0 Power Rack 
– Rogue Trolley Arm 35″
– Spotter Safety Straps
– Spotter Arms 
– Band Pegs 
– Mounted Leg Roller 
– J-Cups 
– Vertical Bar Holder/Storage (x2)
– Adjustable Height Pull Up Bar
– Single Landmine attachment
– DIP Attachment 
– Customized Logo/Cross members
– Rogue B&R Bar 2.0
– Rogue AB-2 Adjustable Bench

Tax Credit

You can support Ability 360 Sports & Fitness Center at no cost to you through Contributions to Qualifying Charitable Organizations (Working Poor Tax Credit). Ability360’s QCO code is 20090. Those filing individually can donate up to $400 or $800 for couples filing jointly. We have partnered with Executive Council Charities “Support Arizona Youth” campaign to increase our tax credit donations. Your gift is magnified and provides more support for youth at Ability360. We receive 100% of the contributions made in our name and additionally, we are eligible to receive a 25% matching grant (up to $5,000 collectively per organization) and additional bonus grants ranging from $5,000 (1st place) to $1,000 (5th place) will be awarded to the Charity Partners who raise the most donations through the program. Click the button below to make your tax credit donation today!

High Five 360

Supporting Ability360 is as easy as giving us a high five. There is no minimum or maximum monthly giving amount. Every dollar you pledge to Ability360 each month will give us the opportunity to support over 2,700 members.


Club360 is our multi-year giving club. There is no time commitment, just your pledge of $2,500 or more annually that will help us to support our members. This vital funding will be used to offer service at little or no cost to those with financial needs and help us sustain our one-of-a-kind facility.

Club 360 Annual Giving Club. Hardships Often Prepare Ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny, C.S. Lewis. Ability360 Sports and Fitness Center.

Director of Development
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