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Did you know you can work even if you have a disability and receive Social Security benefits?  Most people with disabilities can do some work and many can work again full time.  Don’t let fear stand in your way.  If you are tired of worrying about money and are tired of being bored, please continue reading.  If you currently receive SSDI or SSI benefits you are eligible for programs and work incentives that can help you to get a job and manage your benefits.  As a recipient of Social Security benefits you qualify for a number of work incentives and a program called Ticket to Work.

ABIL Employment Services has been providing assistance and support to persons with disabilities seeking employment through the Ticket to Work program since 2002.  We are recognized as one of the largest and most successful organizations providing services through the Ticket program in the entire country.

ABIL Employment Services offers the following services:

About ABIL Employment Services – ABIL Employment Services has been providing assistance and support to persons with disabilities seeking employment through the Ticket to Work program since 2002.

Apply for Ticket to Work Services – Click here to go to our online form to apply for ABIL Employment Services and the Ticket to Work program.

SSI / SSDI Work Incentive Consulting  – SSI/SSDI Work Incentive Consulting – ABIL’s Benefits 2 Work Arizona Work Incentive consulting can help you understand your options so that you will make employment choices that are right for you. Learn about work incentives to help you transition to work and keep health care.

Other Helpful Employment Links:

Want to attend the presentation online? Register for the Work Incentives Seminar Event.

Choose fulfillment. Choose earnings. Choose work.  Choose Work through the Ticket to Work program, offering people with disabilities* a shot at achieving financial independence by enabling more choice in employment-related support services, and access to meaningful work.

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is a free service that provides information about accommodations employers must provide an employee with a disabilitiy and the employment provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

My Social Security Account – a personalized online account that people can use beginning in their working years and continuing throughout the time they receive Social Security benefits. Change your address and start or change direct deposit information online.  People age 18 and older can sign up for an account at www.socialsecurity.gov/myaccount.

Search Jobs – Arizona Bridge to Independent Living is proud to partner with Jobing.com to provide you with the most comprehensive listing of employment opportunities throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area.

The Social Security Administration’s “The Work Site,” about all things related to the Ticket to Work program.

Vets101 gives you tools to take charge of your future and make informed choices about the benefits you’ve earned through your service.

Also see these documents for more information>>

Vets 101 Flyer – Word Format
Vets 101 Flyer – PDF Format

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