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What is Home Modification?

Ability360’s Home Modification program assists people with disabilities who need modifications to their residence to improve accessibility and safety. The program facilitates accessible modifications for Maricopa county residents made possible largely by Community Development Block Grants.

Additional funding may be possible through ALTCS, ILS, VA and HUD.

What kind of home modifications can be done?

We can assist with a wide variety of basic modifications that increase the accessibility in your home and increase the independence of one or more of the residents with a disability.

Typical modifications include:

• Ramps
• Widen door openings
• Install grab bars
• Modify sinks & toilets
• Relocate electrical switches

Who is qualified for the program?

You or a family member must have a physical disability.


How much does it cost?

This is a match program. You are expected to pay 10% of the cost of the remodeling through cash, in-kind contribution (labor, materials, volunteerism), or through other funding contributions. Due to funding limitations, there is a dollar cap on each modification.

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