JAAM Youth Athletic Equipment Grant

A young boy and girl playing wheelchair basketball. Both look up for the basketball.
A young boy and girl playing wheelchair basketball. The boy and girl reach their arms up to tap the ball above them. The referee stands to the side of them.
JAAM Junior Adaptive Athletes in Motion

Established 2015

The mission of the JAAM Foundation is to provide adaptive sports equipment to junior athletes in the greater Phoenix area.

In 2020, JAAM and Ability360 agreed to join forces and have Ability360 administer the JAAM grant process. It is both JAAM’s and Ability360’s intent to support existing adaptive programs in the Valley by providing program equipment for junior athletes. This enables new athletes to experience the different sports opportunities and see what is best for them. And, when an athlete commits to a specific sport(s), JAAM will assist in securing customized equipment for each athlete.

Research has found that participating in adaptive sports provides many benefits for the athlete, including: 

  • Social Support System 
  • Increased Self-Confidence 
  • Peer-Education System
  • Continuing Education
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Quality of Life Improvement

All of these lead to helping the athletes identify necessary resources to gain employment and mentorship.

JAAM Foundation Grant Application

Dear JAMM grant applicant,

Please read the information carefully before beginning your application as it outlines the requirements each applicant must meet to be considered for funding from JAAM.

Please complete the application exactly as instructed, including family financials and all necessary documentation. The grant must be completed in its entirety to be considered. 

JAAM and Ability360 reserve the right to award a partial grant based on the number of grant applications submitted and budgetary constraints.

NOTE: Cash/Check reimbursement for purchases will not be given. All purchases will be paid for with a voucher or purchased directly by JAAM and Ability360.

Application Process

What to Include

The following information and actions are REQUIRED to be included in your application:

  • Reference letters: Include two letters of reference along with phone numbers.
    • One letter must come from a medical professional (ONLY physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, physical therapist, occupational therapist, or prosthetist) verifying your qualifying physical challenges.
    • One letter must come from a fellow athlete, peer, family member, teacher, coach, or employer.
  • Your updated biography or story:  How you came to be in your current situation and what a grant will help you accomplish. If you have competed in your sport before, please provide information on your results and participation.  Please be thorough when writing your biography.
  • A high resolution photo of yourself: Preferably in your sport or at play in a high-resolution digital file such as a .jpg or PDF.


Can apply for (1) new sports wheelchair or (2) sport-related expenses (e.g., upgraded equipment, travel expenses, and/or coaching/training expenses)

  • Athlete may apply every three (3) years for a new sport chair.
    • Two (2) sports chairs total can be granted during youth sports participation unless approved by review committee.
  • Athletes may apply for sport-related expenses yearly, between applying for a new sport chair.
  • National and local grants MUST be applied for in order for the JAAM application to be considered.
  • Ages 12-18

Post Application

You will receive an email verifying your completion of this grant application. If you do not receive a verification email it is likely that we did not receive your application. Your application will then be reviewed by the review committee.

If approved for a grant, you will be required to do the following:

  • Sign a letter of agreement.
    • All chairs obtained through grant funds must be returned to JAAM and Ability360 when a new chair has been acquired. JAAM and Ability360 will work with adaptive sports programs in Arizona to relocate used equipment where it is needed.
  • Make arrangements with JAAM and Ability360 for the direct purchase of new equipment.
  • Follow up with JAAM and Ability360 in regards to your results and accomplishments, seasonally, in relation to this grant.

For any questions, please contact Nick Pryor, NickP@ability360.org or (602) 386-4286.