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Arizona State Capital Building

Don’t let them (Arizona Legislators) make decisions without hearing your voice! The Arizona Legislature starts in January and only last 100 days. Are you ready?

Senator John Kavanagh (R-LD23) has already told us he will be sponsoring legislation that will have the effect of weakening our rights under the Arizonans with Disabilities Act (AZDA) which reflects the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

NOW is the time to speak out and advocate.

Last year there were three bills proposed that would have violated our civil rights under the ADA. We must be ready and we need your help. The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed with bipartisan support over a quarter of a century ago (1990). Many of our legislators don’t think an ADA violation is a big deal or that making us wait longer for our civil rights to access to public places matters. Businesses have had plenty of time to comply with its regulations.

Not Sure How You Can Help?

Check out helpful resources and links on our website: There, you can Get Empowered by joining our email lists for advocacy alerts.

• Sign the AZ Disability Coalition (ADC) petition

• Participate in, and promote, ADC’s social media campaign – #NOAccessAZ

• Attend a legislative training at Ability360 or one provided through the Center for Independent Living nearest you. Learn how the legislature works Learn how a bill becomes a law

Learn how to use the Online Request to Speak system so that you can testify on bills from home

• Be ready to testify on bad and good bills this legislative session (we can help you)

Help us document violations of the ADA with your photos and stories. Send stories and photos to and put ADA in the subject line or call 602-682-5581. Don’t worry about perfection; we’ll help you tell your story!

Senator John Kavanagh and Arizona Capitol building photos: CC by Gage Skidmore.

Picture of Amina Donna Kruck

Amina Kruck

VP of Advocacy