LivAbility Magazine

Edition 19 | Winter 2020

Illustration: A young woman sits at a desk as she illustrates. Words on the right read: A Different P.O.V. by Marieke Davis
Illustration by Marieke Davis
It’s the holiday season. Bob Cratchit, now in his 40s or 50s, is with his son, Tiny Tim. Tiny Tim is now 26. He grins as he leans on his crutch, while Bob Cratchit looks exhausted and annoyed. They stand at the front desk of “Scrooge Enterprises – Benefits Division,” as a spindly old woman in a tight corset dress stares at them through half-moon glasses. Her expression is a mix of boredom and irritation. Above her head, a banner reads “Happy Holidays” in red, cursive letters. Woman: “I’m sorry, Mr. Cratchit, but our insurance carrier has denied your “Continuation of Dependent Health Care Past Age 26” petition. Apparently, the company’s reviewing board does not feel Timothy is disabled enough to qualify for a waiver.” Tiny Tim: “God bless us, every—“ Bob Cratchit: “Not now, Tim.”
Illustration by Marieke Davis

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Marieke Davis

Marieke Davis
Visual Artist

Phoenix native Marieke Davis, a visually-impaired visual artist with hemi-anopsia, is a summa cum laude ASU graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and minors in english literature, women’s & gender studies, and creative writing. She is the creator of the graphic series, “Ember Black,” in print and audio, and the recipient of numerous awards for her semi-autobiographical series, “Life is Blurry.”

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