A young woman sits at a desk illustrating. A white cane hangs in the back with a pink hat that has cat ears. Text in the middle reads A different P.O.V. by Marieke Davis. An illustration on the right shows a limo parked in handicap spots with a chat bubble above reading "Executive Privilege!"

Comic Strip by Marieke Davis

Illustrations and text in the following comic strip have alt text for those who use screen reading software.

The presidential motorcade is parked outside a McDonald’s restaurant. On the roof of the little fast-food joint stands a big, yellow “M,” also known as the iconic “Golden Arches.” A concrete path leads to the entrance. The President’s long, black limousine has tiny American flags on the front, and the Presidential Seal on the right-hand-side. The car’s license plate faces the viewer, and the letters read “TRMP ‘heart’ BGMAC.” The massive vehicle is also parked horizontally, taking up three handicap spaces. The unmistakable, blue placards on metal polls featuring a paraplegic stick figure in a wheelchair are clearly visible. From within the tinted windows of the limo, the driver struggles to reason with the leader of the free world.  Thought bubbles are above the limousine, they read: Staff: Mr. President we can't park here. President: Executive Privilege. Staff: Sir, that's not how it... President: Executive! Priviledge!
Marieke Davis

Marieke Davis
Visual Artist

Phoenix native Marieke Davis, a visually-impaired visual artist with hemi-anopsia, is a summa cum laude ASU graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and minors in english literature, women’s & gender studies, and creative writing. She is the creator of the graphic series, “Ember Black,” in print and audio, and the recipient of numerous awards for her semi-autobiographical series, “Life is Blurry.”

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