LivAbility Magazine

Edition 18 | Fall 2019

Illustration: Portrait of Maria. Maria is walking down a sidewalk littered with rentable, green scooters.

Comic Strip by Marieke Davis

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Maria is walking down a sidewalk littered with rentable, green scooters. Her brow is furrowed in frustration, as she attempts to navigate the maze of scooters with her white cane. Ahead of her, two young men on scooters are chatting at a crosswalk, waiting for the walk signal. One of the guys has spiked hair and a goatee. He is wearing a turtleneck, vest, jeans and an earring. The other guy has a “swoop” haircut, with shaved sides. He is wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses, ripped jeans and a tank top, showing off his muscular arms. They are oblivious to Maria. Guy 1: “Dude, I don’t know where these scooters came from, but they’re AWESOME!” Guy 2: “Totally! And they’re everywhere! Just lyin’ around!”
There’s a loud “CLACK!” as Maria trips over one of the scooters. Maria: “AGH!!!” Guy 1: “They’re so eco-friendly too!” Guy 2: “Right?!”
Maria falls to the ground with a loud “WUMP!” on top of a scooter. The glasses she was wearing are now cracked and bent. She has bruises and cuts on her arms and legs. Shaking, she raises her hand, trying to get the attention of the two guys, but they get the “walk” signal and ride off. Maria: “Help... me.” Guy 1: “It’s all about making the world better for everyone, bro’.” Guy 2: “For everyone, dude.”
Marieke Davis

Marieke Davis
Visual Artist

Phoenix native Marieke Davis, a visually-impaired visual artist with hemi-anopsia, is a summa cum laude ASU graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and minors in english literature, women’s & gender studies, and creative writing. She is the creator of the graphic series, “Ember Black,” in print and audio, and the recipient of numerous awards for her semi-autobiographical series, “Life is Blurry.”

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