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Gregory and Juli Bryan’s love for the food and hospitality industry began in 2016 when they helped their son Oliver, a survivor of traumatic brain injury, open Oliver’s Sophisticated Bean, a coffee shop in downtown Phoenix.

During this time frame, they met Steve Norton, chef and stroke survivor, through the Healthy Living class series offered by Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona. Norton was planning to open a coffee shop at the Ability360 Center and invited the Bryans to join his venture. During development Norton realized that coaching and mentoring survivors of brain injury was his higher calling. With Norton’s encouragement, the Bryans continued on with his vision.

[x_blockquote class=”my-blockquote” type=”left”]“Our menu is clean and locally sourced and our coffee is fabulous!”[/x_blockquote] Juli Bryan said, “We want this to be a welcoming space, a place to just kick back and enjoy the day.”

The trio named this enterprise “Café Cultivate,” a nod to their desire to cultivate and change lives by supporting the disability community. The café is slated to open mid-October. Follow them on Facebook or at