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Story printed spread showing a baseball card, map of chase field and grass under everything.

By Cory Hahn and Angel Almendares
Photo courtesy of Arizona Diamondbacks

PHOENIX– Chase Field, home to the Arizona Diamondbacks, has seating options for all fans throughout the ballpark. Cory Hahn takes us around the ballpark to some of the very best accessible seats in the house.

Picture of Cory Hahn in baseball card style

Hahn assists scouting and baseball operations in various facets. In his second season with the D-backs, Hahn knows baseball and Chase Field inside and out.

In 2010, Hahn sustained a spinal cord injury at C-7 while playing for ASU. He graduated from ASU in 2014 with a degree in business communications.

As a fan and wheelchair user we asked for his perspective on the best seats in the house.

Sections 139-144/101-105: The entire center field wall has some of the best spots to watch a game. It’s great for a person using a wheelchair because you have the tray in front of you; you have somewhere to put your food and belongings other than your lap. You’re in an elevated position and you get to see the field as a whole from here while having the accessible space and trays. This spot is really special.

Section 104-107: If you want to feel the electricity of the crowd, the right field bleachers are a good choice. Here, the crowd is energetic and they’re always cheering and having a good time. You can see pitchers warming up in the bullpen or fans cooling off in the pool, but the best part about this section is that you’re in homerun territory. I think fans enjoy that and thrive off of watching homeruns, and when the ball is coming your way, it’s even better.

Map of chase field

Section 128: Here, we’re down the third baseline, a lot closer to the infield, and you’re on the D-backs’ Dugout side, which is the most important part. You have a direct point of view from the mound to home plate. It’s a great place to watch pitchers work. You can see the kind of angle they throw from, how fast the ball gets from their hands to home plate. If you are a scout or want to critique the players, this is the perfect spot.

J – Batter’s Box Suite: These seats are directly behind home plate on field level. This is as close as you can get to the field without actually being on it. It’s where I come to work. I watch the game from right here, I analyze from here and I take my notes from here. This is my favorite place because this is where I get to do what I love. From this spot you can hear the sounds of the game, like players talking to each other. This is the crown jewel for any baseball fan.

Map of chase field

Section 123: When I’m watching as a fan, this is one of my favorite spots to sit. You don’t miss anything from here. These seats are definitely worth the price. There aren’t many stadiums that have accessible seating almost directly behind home plate. If you ever get a chance, as someone looking for accessible seating, to sit behind home plate, this is one opportunity you’ll want to take.

Section 315-316: These are upper-level seats behind home plate. This is a place where you can take the entire game in and realize just how big Chase Field really is. When you sit down below you don’t notice the size of the stadium or how many different sections there are It’s a surreal scene up here.

The Arizona Diamondbacks offer accessible seating at all levels through the ASK (Accessible Seating Klub). More information at