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Young man in a chef’s hat and apron is being awarded The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Leader in Adult Autism Award by a blonde woman with in a black shirt with white polka dots. His parents stand to his right, his mother wears a purple blazer with a purple, green, black and grey patterned scarf. His father wears a black sports jacket and white button up shirt. All smiles here!
Photo Credit: Autism Society of America

Matt Resnik, SMILE Biscotti’s co-founder, recently received The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Leader in Adult Autism Award during the Autism Society of America’s 47th annual national conference in New Orleans. Pictured (left to right), Denise D. Resnik (Matt’s mom), Rob Resnik (Matt’s dad), Matt Resnik, and Linda Walder, founder and president of the Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation. Photo Credit: Autism Society of America.

Photo: Phil Pangrazio, President and CEO of Ability 3 60 smiles as he holds up the NCIL President’s Award for the camera. Phil is dressed in a sports jacket, blue shirt and gold and blue striped tie.
Photo courtesy of NCIL

Phil Pangrazio, President and CEO of Ability360 was awarded the National Council on Independent Living’s (NCIL) prestigious “President’s Award” at their national conference held in Washington, DC. The award recognizes those who have contributed to the advancement of laws, and policies protecting and/or enhancing the rights of people with disabilities.

Pangrazio was honored for his commitment, leadership, vision and years of support for NCIL through his own service and for donating Ability360 staff time in-kind to support NCIL’s development activities.

“I was surprised and deeply honored.” Pangrazio said. “This is a benchmark of the great respect our peers in the Independent Living movement have for Ability360 and our work. It is humbling when our colleagues across the nation look to us for information and best practices. I am proud of the hard work each of our staff invests into developing the skills and expertise that make us strong national leaders.”

Dick's Sporting Goods Logo

The Ability360 Sports & Fitness Center was chosen by the Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation as one of four recipients of their Every Medal initiative donating $1,000 to youth sports programs for every medal won by Team USA during the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio.

“As a sponsor of Team USA through our Contender program, we are proud to share in the culmination of their grit and hard work as they climb the medal stand in celebration. With each individual and team success, these programs will benefit, helping pave the way for future aspiring athletes to reach their highest potential.” The Foundation said in their press release.