LivAbility Magazine
Photo, a large glass enclosure. The figures are blurred, as they are clearly in motion. A young person in a blue jumpsuit, goggles, and helmet is suspended off of the ground, belly down, arched as a parachutist would be, supported on each side by people wearing red jumpsuits and helmets. In the background, others wearing jumpsuits and helmets wait their turn

Photo by Loren Worthington

iFLY, a skydive free fall simulator in North Scottsdale, hosted an “All Abilities Night.”

Several individuals with disabilities participated and enjoyed the experience.

“I had a great time tonight here at iFLY,” said Rob Reed, a wheelchair user. “I think that anybody, no matter what their disability, could come out here and give it a shot.” iFLY hosts All Abilities Night once a quarter. Visit their website for details.