LivAbility Magazine

Edition 14 | Fall 2018

A long-grey ramp for wheelchairs. Off-white door knob lever adapters. White and blue temporary grab bar. Silver door hinge extender.

Story by Loren Worthington 

Ever visited a friend’s home to find you couldn’t get into the bathroom? Or wanted to invite an elderly relative for the holidays, but didn’t know how they’d get through the door?

For architects, engineers and community planners, visitability starts at planning a home. For those of us who already have a home, it means making sure your long-distance family can visit for the holidays without worrying about accessibility issues.

Here are a few ideas:

Portable Ramps

Your relatives probably don’t want to be carried in and out of your home, especially after a long drive or a stressful plane ride. Portable ramps come in lengths from one inch to 10 inches and can be folded up after use. While not exactly lightweight, one or two people can lay them out.

Doorknob Lever Adapters

Doorknobs can be hard to grasp if you have hand limitations. Adding adaptive lever attachments are an easy, temporary modification. They’re so good you may just keep them up.

Temporary Grab Bars

Nobody should have to stress about a relative getting injured while taking a shower. Adding a temporary grab bar adds some safety if a slippery tub causes someone to fall.

Door Hinge Extender

Sometimes, an extra inch of space can help a wheelchair make it through a doorway. Replacing your hinges with hinge extenders allows doors to open wider and are easy to install.  They’re so low maintenance and convenient you could just leave them there all year.

Loren Worthington

Loren Worthington
Writer / Photographer / Editor

Loren Worthington is Ability360’s Marketing and Communications Manager and Publisher of LivAbility Magazine. He has an extensive portfolio of work as a videographer and photographer with an emphasis on sports photography. He was an official photographer for TeamUSA at the Summer Games in Rio. You’ve seen his work in numerous Arizona-based outlets and nationally in New Mobility Magazine and Sports N Spokes.

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