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Amina Donna Kruck meets with the rest of the Women's Empowerment Group.

Photos by Loren Worthington

Invincible Courage! Auspicious Beauty! Destroyer of Negativity! Serene Peace…

All divine feminine qualities attributed to the enlightened Bodhisattva, Tara, explored in the Ability360 Women’s Empowerment Group which meets at the Ability360 Center each month.

While Ability360 and other community groups provide women’s support groups, this group is something different. “This group is for the woman who enjoys singing and gentle movement with other women while celebrating our divine and powerful selves,” says facilitator Amina Kruck.

“Think of this as self-esteem aerobics.”

The monthly class is based on a practice from an ancient Tibetan Buddhist tradition, but one does not need to practice Buddhism to participate. Kruck explains that the components are transferable to support a variety of abilities and spiritual paths. It isn’t for everyone. Those that embrace the class have a blast. “All abilities are welcome!” Kruck enthusiastically explains. “This practice is an opportunity to attune to and honor ourselves as women through the revealing and unfolding of Tara’s 21 qualities. Think of this as self-esteem aerobics.”

Kruck’s facilitation of Disability Liberation/Attitudinal Barriers classes has helped many people with disabilities change their self-concepts over the years. She explains: “I grew up with a physical difference; I have been fascinated with how people often internalize negative disability stereotypes and mistakenly think that is who they are… broken, invisible, incapable, a burden, unattractive, lazy, melodramatic, and so on. We are much more than our medical condition or society’s ableist stereotypes.” When she began practicing this particular discipline, Kruck recalls thinking, “This is the best contradiction to disability oppression and ableist attitudes I have ever seen!”

Some women wonder if they will be able to participate at their own level of ability. Kruck is quick to reassure and encourage: “Since we all have a variety of disabilities, everyone gets to decide how to adapt it to their own abilities and spiritual paths. What we share is our experience with this empowering practice done together. There are lots of parts that take time to learn, but any part that sticks is empowering.”

“We dance,” she exclaims. “That’s the point. We can all do it. Women come in wheelchairs that do it.” Davisson self-describes that she does not hear well and has trouble with motion due to a torn muscle in her hip. After dancing, she has experienced improved balance and flexibility. “I’m a regular,” she proudly announces. “We all have challenges, but we all can do it.”

If you want to join, register at least three days before the group meets and include any reasonable accommodations to participate.

Ability360 also has a 7-week women’s self-esteem group. Contact or call 602-296-0533 for details and accommodations.

Ability360 is a fragrance-free environment. Please do not wear any perfume or scented personal products to this group or any other event at Abiilty360.

Try Something Different

Join us for Sacred Play at Women’s Empowerment Group

First Saturday of each month

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Classroom A / Ability360 Center

Facilitator: Amina Donna Kruck

RSVP: 602-443-0722 or and please use the subject line: “Women’s Empowerment Group”