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PHOTO: Loren Worthington is shown from the knees down. He wears blue jeans and brown suede shoes. The black frame of his wheelchair is visible. Jennifer Longdon is shown from the knees down, her fingertips rest on her wheel rims. She wears black pants and black lace-up work boots. The black frame of her wheelchair is visible. John Beaubien is shown from the knees down. He wears khaki pants and blacksocks. His feet are crossed. The black frame of his wheelchair is visible. Rebeca Cavazos is shown from the knees down. She wears black pants and high fawn-colored fur boots with matching crisscross laces and furry pompoms. The red frame of her wheelchair is visible.

Welcome to 2017 – Let’s talk “new.”

We welcome Angeline Carbajal, Program Coordinator for the Disability Resource Center at the University of Arizona, as a regular contributor to future issues. Her first story profiles the UA Disability Resource Center. We are looking forward to including more news and profiles from the southern part of Arizona.

While not exactly new, Tony Jackson is writing for us for the first time. Tony is a well-known former Ability360 staffer who now travels the world to call power soccer games. No one knows more about the sport than Tony. We’re glad to have him back .
Another first for us: our first 7-page story! We visited the Valley’s newest entertainment complex to check out accessibility. Jen was giddy with disability pride to meet SwD – Sealife with Disabilities. Read more in our cover story starting on page 30.

We’ve kept all the important stuff, of course.

  • Cool Careers profiles Tucson inventor Rick Goldstein. What makes making shower chairs a cool career? Rick. He’s unstoppable, always looking at situations as a business opportunity.
  • Susan Webb on returning to work and leaving the restrictions of disability benefits.
  • Amina Kruck on the Freedom to Work program which helps many PWD return to the workforce.
  • Amina also looks at the state legislative session and what we can expect in the 100 days ahead.
  • Larry Wanger introduces the Arizona Disability Coalition; battling for our hard-won civil rights.
  • Ed Meyer reports on two Supreme Court cases that may impact PWD.
  • Gary Karp reminds us that disasters happen whether we’re ready or not.

We also cover sports, recreation and adventure:

  • Grace Bishara’s recap of the Duel in the Desert and the coveted Golden Sombrero.
  • Things that go fast; Corbin Beu with his rally race car also the Driving to Excel program.
  • Another first-timer, Kasey Kaler covers river rafting and adaptive sports then profiles Gary Venjohn as he says goodbye to coaching wheelchair basketball.

We amped the cute factor way up with “adorabull” Darla and Mollie; therapy dogs who teach community integration and disability culture with 360 To Go.

Coming back around to what’s new, look for expanded coverage of state and national news this year. We’re looking for new contributors to help us tell the stories of the people, places and things that interest the disability community in Arizona. With so many important and timely stories to be told, look for more coverage on-line and more stories told through the power of video. LivAbility is growing so we can bring you stories – bigger, stronger, faster – we want to tell you everything!
We’re just getting our feet (and wheels) in the door of 2017. Take a peek. We’ve stuffed this issue with advocacy, education, community integration and FUN. Enjoy!