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Lucky 13

To say we’re all over the map on this thirteenth edition is an understatement. This edition of LivAbility is loaded with diverse stories that we think continue to point out how cool it is to be sporting a disability and hanging in AZ.

Let’s Talk Tech (and Golf)

With more and more of our readers subscribing outside of Arizona, we are constantly assessing the value of our stories so everyone finds something interesting. Are we too Arizona-focused? So, someone suggested we do some tech reviews and well, the light just went on, and on.

This edition includes our special golf section. Yep, our third annual golf tournament is this September. We found some really fun adaptive golf equipment to review. Even if golf ain’t your gig, these toys will make you consider a possible tee-time.
Don Price returns to help us with one of our tech reviews. And this one is for everyone who’s ever lost their keys. And when it comes to tech, our Community Partner, Jill Sclease has been pushing the limits since 2010, creating adaptive driving solutions.

Cool Cali Careers

It’s certainly not because we’ve run out of locals with cool careers, but with the Comic Fest in town last month we struck up a conversation with Los Angeles’ Rus Wooton and we all were envious of what he gets to do for a career. He definitely wins our People’s Choice award.

Speaking of Comic Fest, our veteran go-to journalist (and former intern) Yvette spent two days exploring Comic Fest in Phoenix. Yvette introduces us to some true characters who return year after year to have some fun. This year, organizers made a special effort to address access and functional needs. Yvette tells us how they did.

Rails, Trails & Big Boy Rocks

If you haven’t noticed, LivAbility practically needs a full-time journalist to cover all the great outdoor places our 360 Sports & Recreation team (along with our great community partners) have been exploring. Check out the great cover story and superb photo essay (thanks Tara) of their rock climbing adventure to Joshua Tree, California. At about the same time, Nick Pryor was taking a bus load of folks up to check out what is called a Rails-to-Trails trail in Prescott. It was so accessible we decided we needed to add an all new series on Accessible Trails to our repertoire. So, we covered the Peavine Trail as the first of our series of accessible trails. We’ll share new ones in upcoming issues.

What Else?

We have a few more firsts. Our graphic designer, John Beaubien, has his first byline talking about Apple’s accessibility. And, for the first (and probably only) time, Cassie Brandt wrote about medical marijuana. It’s certainly controversial and whether you believe it has medical properties or not, there are ramifications and implications for MMJ patients who also receive federal services.

Hey ADA, Happy 28th Birthday!

The Creative Team all know we have the truly coolest careers in Arizona. It’s our privilege to bring you this magazine each quarter. We hope you enjoy this one. We’re already working on the next.

Wow, do puppies sell! Our magazine racks emptied a month early. Glad you liked Edition 12. Maybe we’ll try kittens soon.