LivAbility Magazine

Edition 20 | Spring 2020

A desk with an open laptop showing the faces of the nine members of the LivAbility Creative Team together on a video conference call.
The LivAbility Creative Team

By LivAbility Creative Team

What is it that makes a creative team great?

  • Skillset diversity
  • Decisive leadership
  • Goal-oriented progress
  • Ingenuity
  • Adaptability
  • And perhaps a touch of magic

In normal times, this magazine is produced in an old storage room that is home to our creative team. We converse across numerous open-concept desks, and while it’s somewhat chaotic, it ends up working out. In today’s new reality, all content production for Ability360 and LivAbility is coming from our teams’ living rooms, home offices, and kitchens.

While working from home isn’t atypical for our staff, producing a magazine from home is unique for us. We’re a collaborative team that thrives off face-to-face interaction and communication.

This wasn’t the magazine that we had planned for you. Literally, at the last moment, we pulled our cover story and put together the photoshoot of Ability360 President & CEO Phil Pangrazio.

LivAbility is a quarterly magazine. We do not tend to write about current events, as often they are old news by the time readers open these pages. But COVID-19 is different and it is a story that will likely be around for years in some shape or form.

However, we believe that it isn’t the only story. That’s why you will still read stories from Chef Steve on a new “plant-forward” recipe that you can try right now, or some tips for making your home more accessible in the Spring, or a rendition of America’s favorite pastime.

This is a colossal effort. Everyone, especially people with disabilities, is full of anxiety and fear of the unknown. All that we can do right now is stay inside, safe, hygienic, and heed the advice from the Centers for Disease Control.

In the meantime, we hope that the stories that we have for you can bring some entertainment, comfort, and an opportunity to escape the madness we are currently surrounded by for some time.

Stay safe, friends.

Loren Worthington

Kasey Kaler

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