LivAbility Magazine

Edition 16 | Spring 2019

Creative Note

Welcome to another addition of LivAbility!

Story by LivAbility Creative Team

We’re ecstatic to share Edition 16 with our readers. This edition follows the suit of all other LivAbility releases, telling the stories of ordinary people, doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

Have you ever pondered the lifestyle of a Youtuber with hundreds of thousands of subscribers? Have you ever pondered that same career choice without limbs? Kade Garner takes a deep-dive into the arduous life of a social media influencer with a twist, in Lake Tahoe, CA.

We continue to push onward past the friendly confines of Arizona with stories about a new universally-accessible adaptive sports and fitness facility in Las Vegas. As President & CEO, Phil Pangrazio expresses, it’s a welcomed trend.

Kelly Beaubien walks us through a woman’s journey from a Guillain-Barre diagnosis to preparation for a 5K marathon. In what is perhaps the most poignant story we’ve told, Yvette Mallari writes an incredible story of the life of a cowboy, K.J. Jones, who never left the rodeo scene despite it changing his life forever. Or maybe it didn’t, but as with all of her stories, Yvette captures so much more than just his journey. Even if cowboys and rodeos aren’t your style, you’ll enjoy reading about how even a bucking bronco can’t stomp the passion out of so many people who happen to live with a disability. Hats off (cowboy lingo) to our intern from Mexico, Estafania Cavazos for the great photos in this cover story. Bravo!

Steve Norton takes us through his radical lifestyle change following a stroke and shares some insider tips on eating healthy with a disability. Tony Jackson triumphantly returns to Ability360’s Sports & Fitness Center with some hot takes on those “damn” scooters that clutter our sidewalks.

Finally, as we continue to expand, we hope you continue to share your stories in the Southwest with us. We want to hear from you, and we want to tell your stories to our readers. We strive to find unique stories that speak to the diversity of people, places and things that make up our community. Please feel free to reach out to the editor with story ideas at