LivAbility Magazine
Daniel Mueller sits in an Ability360 accessible van.

Van Driver/Maintenance

Photo by Loren Worthington

5 fast facts
• Comes from Buffalo, NY
• Once owned a used furniture business
• Works as Ability360’s van driver for past 6 years
• Engaged and will be married next February
• Grateful Dead fan

Our department is like that Nike ad: “Just do it.” And Daniel does just that. He keeps Ability360 moving forward. He joined us as our van driver and because he is such a selfless helper, you’ll find him pitching in anywhere he can. He helps staff with their needs. Our consumers who ride with him often comment on his kindness and his connection with everyone and they are happy with the service he provides. ~ Dan Valdez

Is there another name you go by (for example, James going by Jim)? My family calls me Danny.

How long have you been with Ability360? 6 years.

What’s your current job title? Van Driver.

What other job titles have you held, if any? I help in many areas but no other official titles.

For people outside of the organization, what do you do? I transport consumers to the Center and various venues for our programs and events.

Is there a work achievement you’re especially proud of? There’s not a particular moment that comes to mind. But, I like solving problems. I like finding ways to make our programs and procedures run more smoothly I like to organize and make improvements. When I see those things working well, I’m very satisfied.

What brought you here? As a kid, I came to Arizona from Buffalo with my family on business trips. I moved here when I graduated from high school and ran a used furniture business for many years. One day, a family friend told me about an opening at what was then ABIL for a van driver and the rest is history.

What do you like most about your work? The consumers. I love meeting them, making friends and helping them.

Will you share a little something about your family? I am the youngest of three boys, came here from Buffalo. I have 2 sons, Jared and Justin and I’m engaged to Jeanie, a woman I’ve dated for six years. She sometimes seems to read my mind. I’m excited that we’re getting married in February.

Will you tell us about your best day ever? I have two days. The days each of my sons were born.

What are people most surprised to know about you? I’m a Dead Head. I’ve seen more than 80 Grateful Dead concerts.

Is there a movie or TV show you drop everything to watch? No. I have favorite movies: Braveheart, Tombstone, The Patriot and I like watching TV shows; Forensic Files, Investigative Discovery, although I wouldn’t drop everything to watch them. I’d record them lol.

If a mega-fortune fell into your lap, what would you do? Help my family, travel, donate to charities, invest.