LivAbility Magazine
Brunette woman with glasses and a black and white floral printed shirt sits outside in her wheelchair and smiles at the camera. Her arm rests on a concrete table.

Rita Malemed joined Ability360’s Ticket to Work Program in December of 2014. Although Rita did not have a formal employment history, she had a strong history of volunteer work, which resonated with employers. Her skills were tested to demonstrate to her and to employers that she possessed basic skills needed for employment. Rita struggled with shyness when interviewing for jobs, therefore, interviewing skills were a focus of our work. Because she had not interviewed for employment previously, we helped update her resume to highlight her distinct skill set.

Rita accepted a job with Optum as a customer service representative. She has excelled at her new position and continues to work closely with her Employment Coordinator to ensure job retention and benefits management. To ease her transportation challenges, Rita even moved closer to her employment location. Rita is an example of what many of us face when we are young and do not have work experience. Volunteer work makes a difference, but because Rita has a bachelor’s degree in sociology, she is assured a long and bright career future ahead. Rita recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with Optum, but this is only the beginning for her!

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