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by Keith Forte
Business Account Coordinator, Maricopa Workforce Connections

Let’s clear the misconception many job seekers have of a job fair….You are there for a job, right? However, employers do not normally hire at a job fair. Don’t be disappointed, as there are many other reasons you should still attend! A job fair is just one step in the process to obtain employment.

A small group of people gather around to listen to a presentation by a man in a yellow shirt who sits in a wheelchair.

Come prepared with a game plan.

Research the employers scheduled to attend in advance. Learn the employer’s mission, vision, and operating structure. Target your interactions to those employers who are best suited to your knowledge, skills and abilities. Ask questions, have your résumé prepared in advance, and leave it with them if possible.

Networking is critical in your job search.

Meet the recruiters and have a discussion about the research you completed on their company, and impress them with your professional appearance, communication skills, and knowledge. Make connections in person and attempt to turn them into LinkedIn contacts for future networking. Simply ask the recruiter if it would be acceptable to connect, as this puts them in contact with talent (you!).

Dress to impress.

Always dress the same as you would for a job interview. A good rule is to dress a level higher than daily dress requires on the job. If a potential job requires a collared shirt, then add a tie to go beyond the requirement to demonstrate your commitment and professionalism.

You are on a job interview!

Be professional, courteous, and likeable. A good impression could help you land a future interview. The best use of this face time is to prepare a 30-second elevator speech to highlight and sell yourself and your value to an organization.

Come prepared, network, dress to impress and secure an interview to land the job you want!

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