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Edition 18 | Fall 2019

Tips to get started with the Ticket to Work Program

Story by Larry Wanger
Photo by Loren Worthington

This December will mark the 20th anniversary of Ability360’s Ticket to Work program and with it, the opportunity to celebrate the success of the employees in the program over the years.

The Ticket to Work program, available to people who receive Social Security benefits because of a disability, provides access to services that help with returning to the workforce.

Ability360 has helped hundreds of people achieve their dreams of returning to work and finding greater independence through financial self-sufficiency.

Earlier this year, LivAbility reported that participants in the program earned over $73 million in wages between 2013 and 2018.

An incredible accomplishment, but the impact on the lives of participants is far more powerful.

As we’ve heard before, the time to jump back into your career is now. Here are some things to know about the Ticket to Work program:

  1. There are over 200,000 people in Arizona who are eligible for the Ticket to Work program. If you receive Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance cash benefits, you qualify for this program!
  2. At Ability360, everyone who works on the Ticket to Work program is a person with a disability, so we do get it.
  3. Work incentives are in place that can allow you to work without risking your benefits. Ability360 staff provides hands-on assistance to help manage cash benefits and healthcare coverage, so you can focus solely on work.
  4. Participation is free and optional. You get to decide what business you think best fits your needs and helps you achieve your goals.
  5. We are committed to your success. We will help you find work based on your skills, experience and qualifications.

The thought of returning to the workplace can be scary, and feeling that way is very common. While many consumers had successful careers previously, worries about maintaining healthcare coverage and the impact on other benefits are valid.

The Ticket to Work program can give consumers their career back without the risks of losing their benefits.

If you are considering going back to work, call Ability360’s Ticket to Work program at 602-443-0712.

Larry Wanger

Larry Wanger

Larry Wanger has been the Executive Director of the Arizona Statewide Independent living Council since October 2013 and has worked in the Independent Living field for over 18 years. He served as the manager of Employment Services at Ability360 from 2004 to 2013. Outside of work Larry enjoys running, travel and reading.

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