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Edition 17 | Summer 2019

Six jobs that offer the benefits and comfortability of working from home!

Story by Gabrielle Olivera

When a person has a disability, working at a desk job can be difficult for some. From transportation issues to just not feeling up for it- an at home job can be more appealing for people who fear being trapped in a busy office all day.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, across all age groups, the employment populations were much lower for people with disabilities than those who do not have a disability.

As the disabled population makes up a large portion of those who are unemployed, the internet has provided more opportunities for full-time jobs right in the comfort of your own home.

Below are 6 at-home jobs that almost anyone can do:

1 An Apple at-home advisor

  • Great for people who are disciplined, confident and self-motivated
  • Will provide your own network connection
  • “Home and work don’t clash, but collaborate”
  • Receive a benefits package, product discounts and time off

2 Kaplan

  • Employs over 19,000 people with flexible individuals’ jobs in education and training
  • Supports and rewards its employees with competitive pay structures
  • Other benefits may include paid time off and discounts on education courses

American Express

  • Offers jobs that allow working remotely, such as a virtual customer care professional
  • According to their website, high performance is rewarded with target-driven incentives

4 Hilton

  • Opportunity for growth and advancement throughout the company Hilton
  • Benefit packages available
  • Stable year-round work


  • Has more than 8,000 people working from home
  • Wide range of jobs such as customer care, tech support, data entry and image tagging
  • Have a Heroes@Home program in which they hire qualified veterans and military spouses for at-home jobs employment opportunities


  • Customer service part-time job in a 20-29-hour week
  • Only available in certain states
  • Eligible for health benefits after 90 days of employment
  • Receive retirement planning and paid time off

For people looking for at-home jobs, websites like FlexJobs can be a great source, of finding a job through featuring 53,000 different companies.

“It really gives the worker a lot of different options. It also gives employers access to employees in areas they might have not been able to access before,” said Mika Cross, vice president of Employer Engagement and Strategic Initiatives for FlexJobs.

According to Cross, they have helped about 4 million people in the past 12 years find careers that aren’t commission-level jobs, using the website.

“It helps provide access and inclusive employment options,” Cross said. She also encourages people to look into hybrid jobs depending on the lifestyle choices of some people.

Carolan Quennenville works at home for Ability360. She’s worked from home since 2004, after a surgery.

“All I have to do is leave my kitchen to my work room,” Quennenville said. She also said that she enjoys not dealing with transportation issues.

Despite all the benefits of working from home, Quennenville said that there is something she misses about working at a traditional office. “You don’t get to work with your coworkers. I miss that. There’s nothing like being with a group of people,” she added.

Keith Meadows works from home with Disability Solutions assisting clients with disabilities across the country. Since all of his clients are spread out, he decided to work at home, as there was no need to be in an office.

“I find my productivity higher,” Meadows said. “The merging of personal life and business life is a much starker contrast,” Meadows added.

Although working from home may take discipline for some, it can be a great option for anybody who has issues with transportation or would like to work at their own pace.

Gabrielle Olivera

Gabrielle Olivera is a student at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. When Gabrielle isn’t writing or filming stories, she’s planning her next trip destination. Gabrielle hopes to make a lasting impact with the stories that she writes.

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