LivAbility Magazine
A graphic of the Ability360 arrow with pictures of employees on it.

By Phil Pangrazio

It often starts with a phone call from a community partner or perhaps a consumer request: “do you…?” We do. We identify needs within our community and for 35 years, we’ve filled those needs with a simple, “We do.” We’ve built programs, forged partnerships, and advocated on issues that serve the disabled community.

I am often complimented on the great work that Ability360 provides to the disability community here in Phoenix and throughout the state. Sometimes, I’m even credited for Ability360’s many accomplishments as if I am solely responsible. In reality, that could not be further from the truth. Although I’ve remained steadfast over these past seventeen years, it is the many employees at Ability360 that really get the work done, that has led to our success. Without their passion, commitment and dedication, none of our achievements would have occurred.

From our reception staff to the senior management team, everybody plays a significant role at Ability360. It truly takes a village. We are made up of so many integral parts. We field thousands of information and referral calls each year. We do more than 150 home modifications per year.

Our payroll department cuts checks to more than 2,700 home care workers each week. Our home care supervisors manage caseloads of 60 to 70 consumers and drive hundreds of miles throughout four counties doing home visits. Our employment and work incentives programs empower and motivate hundreds of people with disabilities to achieve self-sufficiency through working and becoming tax payers. Our building maintenance crew keeps our facilities and technology in good working order. Our van drivers transport hundreds of consumers to our program activities.

Our Sports & Fitness Center staff brings high energy and enthusiasm to the 1,950 plus members we serve and supports them and many others through a myriad of programs on a daily basis. Our independent living staff provides peer support and counsel to hundreds of consumers and family members living with physical, mental and intellectual disabilities, and does so with amazing knowledge, understanding and patience. I could keep going, but I think you get the point.

Our Ability360 employees are truly amazing. Each day they fight for a community where dignity, equality, access, empowerment and choice exist for all persons with disabilities. Their commitment to these core values is why we’re so successful. Their commitment to Independent Living philosophy and self-determination will never waiver. As an organization governed, managed and staffed by and for people with disabilities, we will always remain committed to delivering the highest quality programs to people with disabilities in our community. On behalf of our Board of Directors and myself, I’d like to appreciatively thank all of our employees for all they do for Ability360 and those we serve!