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You can see the head of a golf club and the inner mechanical workings of it. Text reads "Rocket Science" but "Rocket" has a slash through it. Instead it says "Golf Science"

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Ballistic power for those who can’t swing

Story by Jack Lechich

Picture this: you’re playing golf and hitting 20, 30, maybe even 40 foot putts. But you can’t get any power behind your drive and you’re struggling to reach the green. What can you do?

Fear not, the EZeeGolf Power Club may be the solution.

Designed by former NASA aerospace engineer Roy Taylor, the EZeeGolf Power Club is the first piston powered, swing-less golf club. The secret is the small ballistic charge coupled with the range control lever (RCL). 

The club is a bit tricky to use at first but after a few tries it becomes muscle memory.

Manipulating the club takes some manual dexterity. Turn the RCL to the right, pull open the strip latch and load in a power cartridge of 5 ballistic charges. Close the latch and set the RCL to the distance you want from seventy-five to two hundred yards.

Pull the top of the grip back to “cock” the club. Now it’s ready to go. Disengage the safety switch and simultaneously push the trigger button and watch your ball fly!

People with disabilities, especially those with core strength and stability issues, can easily use this club to supplement their golf game.

Tim Surry, Ability360 Adaptive Golf Coordinator and full-time wheelchair user, tested the EZeeGolf Power Club. He was a skeptical in the beginning.

“At first, I thought it was absurd,” Surry said. “After a few shots, I really started to dial it in and began to see the use of this club.”

Surry used his standard driver and the EZeeGolf Power Club. The EZeeGolf Power Club improved his drive from a range of 160 yards to a range closer to 250.

“With our adaptive golf program, it definitely could help,” Surry said. “For example, someone coming out of rehab that might not have all of their strength back could use this club. Maybe they played before their injury and, with the help of this club; they can get back out on the golf course.”

The EZeeGolf Power Club isn’t just for people with disabilities. People of all abilities can enjoy it.

“This club isn’t just for people with disabilities,” said Surry. “We were using the club and a few of the golf pros were curious and asked about the club. They tried it out and were very impressed.”

The EZeeGolf Power Club does more than straight shots. You can angle the face of the striking plate, just as you would a standard driver, to perform a draw or fade.

The club’s critics might argue that it is not fair to other golfers and it’s untraditional. Local golf clerk Jeff Nicholson responded to these claims.

“This club could really help people of all skill levels get on the course,” said Nicholson. “Obviously you can’t use it at a tournament or for competitive play but when you’re out there with your buddies trying to have a good time, this club is perfect. That’s what it’s all about, getting new people into the game and having fun.”

EZeeGolf offers a membership program that includes an annual maintenance service. The club instructions suggest using Ballistol to clean and lubricate the club. We found it difficult to open the cartridge latch after roughly fifteen to twenty shots.    

You can buy the EZeeGolf Power Club for $995. The price is steep but considering that you won’t need a driver, fairway woods or hybrid clubs, the EZeeGolf Power Club may be worth it.

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Jack Lechich

Jack Lechich

Jack Lechich is a Junior at Arizona State University. He is majoring in Sports Journalism while minoring in Communication. Born and raised in Stockton, CA, Jack enjoys hiking, theatre, playing sports and hanging out with his fraternity: Theta Delta Chi.