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A SCUBA diver and her instructor pose underwater for the camera.

Ability360’s New Introductory Diving Course

By Rebeca Cavazos
Photo by Clinton McDaniel

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in … soon you find yourself lulled into a trance of relaxation, enjoying the absolute freedom you find when immersed in the pool.

All this happens in the introductory diving course offered by Ability360 Sports & Fitness Center in one of three separate Discover SCUBA sessions offered through the year. The course, taught by certified dive instructors from Saguaro Scuba Diving, is specifically designed for people with disabilities to experience this amazing activity.

At first it is common to feel fear, but during the whole session you are accompanied by experienced divers who continuously communicate with you to ensure your wellbeing. As time goes by and you adapt to the breathing and the equipment, it becomes an exhilarating experience. Along with the autonomy that you feel in your body, you will forget the instructors are there. You feel that the two hours of class goes by too fast and you don’t want it to end.

During this lesson, which takes place in the Ability360’s heated pool, you will have the opportunity to learn in a quick and simple session, the basic rules of underwater breathing, the operation of the air regulator and how to manage it while you are descending. You will also learn how to release the pressure in your ears and how to communicate with your dive buddy underwater.

Discover Scuba is an experience that you should try! In addition to being fun, it is completely safe and gives you the opportunity to push your limits. The next session will be on August 5th. Register at

Portrait: Rebeca Cavazos

Rebeca Cavazos

Rebeca Cavazos is a graphic artist known for her creative designs and her daredevil spirit. You’ll find her rock climbing, SCUBA diving and surfing any weekend she’s not playing “mommy-taxi” to Hermosillo or organizing advocacy events. Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Cavazos is a full-time wheelchair user who joined Ability360 in 2015.