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photo of a deep blue sky and trees in the background, tall brown grasses, and a dark gravel path. In the foreground is a man in a wheelchair with large knobby tires and levers that he seems to be pumping to propel himself. He wears a white hat, sunglasses, black tank top with the Ability360 logo prevalent. His prosthetic leg prevalent in the foreground.

Prescott’s most accessible trail 

Story by Loren Worthington and Summer Sorg 
Photos by Summer Sorg

This 12-mile loop trail is a hard-compacted gravel path that winds along the east side of Watson Lake in northern Prescott. Known for its dells (large scenic rocks), the lakeside trail offers unique views. Occasional shade trees line the relaxing, easy-to-traverse pathway. Peavine is a Rails to Trails pathway. Created when tracks are removed from former rail lines, these trails are wide and relatively smooth trail for hikers creates exceptional accessibility for wheelchair users. The trailhead has good parking and a picnic area with water fountains stationed at the start. There are no fountains along the path, so bringing a personal water bottle is essential.  A few benches mark designated resting points, but there are long stretches without any. Pets and bikes are allowed, and the pathway is wide enough to allow each to pass comfortably.

The best part of this trail lies about three miles in. There, you get close to the water and the rock formations jutting from it. A little lagoon appears between two slender canyons. It’s truly special spot to watch kayakers and paddle borders also coming to enjoy the amazing oasis.

Once you pass the lake, there’s not as much to see, but it’s definitely a great place to exercise while taking on some special country.

*Parking is $3. Free on Wednesdays.

*Two hour drive from Phoenix

* Dogs Allowed

* Open year round

Loren Worthington

Loren Worthington 

Loren Worthington is Ability360’s Marketing and Communications Manager and Publisher of LivAbility Magazine. He has an extensive portfolio of work as a videographer and photographer with an emphasis on sports photography. He was an official photographer for TeamUSA at the Summer Games in Rio. You’ve seen his work in numerous Arizona-based outlets and nationally in New Mobility Magazine and Sports N Spokes. 

Summer Sorg

Summer Sorg 

Summer Sorg is a student at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication specializing in photography and digital journalism. Her heart lies in storytelling, nature and exploring. Summer plans to use her talents to highlight important issues and inspire people to care.