Max in Motion
Photo by Loren Worthington

Special thanks to max in motion organization for three years of support

Six months out of the year, the Ability360 Sports & Fitness Center hosts Youth Adaptive Sports Clinics. Youth Adaptive Sports clinics introduce youth with disabilities and their entire family to a variety of adaptive sports, including wheelchair basketball, power soccer and wheelchair tennis.

These clinics are not only a great introduction to adaptive sports, but they also give participants a chance to improve their skills.

Local teams and individuals provide coaching expertise for each key sport: Banner Wheelchair Suns players coach wheelchair basketball; Ability360 United team members coach power soccer; and Seth Haynie from Arizona Wheelchair Tennis coaches wheelchair tennis. Each participant is provided proper equipment for the clinic and receives expert coaching, lunch, a t-shirt and water bottle.

These youth clinics would not be possible without the generous support of the MaxInMotion Foundation. MaxInMotion began supporting the clinics in 2013, and as the program has evolved, many youth have not only been introduced to adaptive sports, but have gone on to compete in junior athletics in the community. Part of the 2015 program was to introduce youth to wheelchair tennis and prepare them for the first 2015 Desert Open. Their marked improvement through the months and the resulting competitive opportunity demonstrates a truly successful progression! We extend our gratitude to MaxInMotion for their partnership.

The Ability360 Sports & Fitness Center intends to grow this program in 2016 by adding additional sports and reaching out to more youth! Along with MaxInMotion, we invite you to join us!

To register for MaxInMotion Youth Adaptive Sports clinics, call (602) 386-4566 or visit

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