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Photo: A man sits on the UpScale Exam Table and looks at his doctor.

By Amina Donna Kruck

Due out in early Spring, UpScale is a height-adjustable exam table with a built-in weight scale, designed by Medical Accessibility LLC.

With removable grab bars and a surface height that can lower to 17 inches, patients can transfer to the exam table without fear of injury. They can be weighed and measured right on the exam table, and even obtain a fully-accessible pelvic exam.

People with mobility disabilities should speak with their providers about the need for accessible medical equipment, and their right to equal access under the ADA.

PHOTO: The UpScale Exam Table, designed for people with mobility disablities.

Picture of Amina Donna Kruck

Amina Donna Kruck
Vice President of Advocacy

Donna Kruck is the Vice President of Advocacy programs at Ability360. Kruck is a state Professional Licensed Counselor with a master’s of Counseling from Arizona State University.

Kruck supervises several programs, including the volunteer program which includes a 65-member peer mentor volunteer team, the This Is MY Life self-determination program for persons with developmental disabilities, the AZ Freedom to Work Program, Social Security Work Incentives Benefits Planning Assistance and Outreach Program and Ability360’s Advocacy Program, which addresses individual issues and community/systems change.

As Vice President of Advocacy, Kruck creates programs which empower individuals with disabilities and their families through advocacy related workshops, one-on-one mentoring, facilitating wellness groups, providing technical assistance for the development of consumer-driven initiatives, and developing community partnerships to address barriers to consumer choice, equal rights and self-determination. Kruck also provides workshops on the legislative process, disability oppression, self-advocacy skills, and is a regular contributor to Ability360’s quarterly magazine, LivAbility.