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An illustration of a power wheelchair arm with the joystick. The phone charger is about the size of a black tube of lipstick. Illustration shows where it plugs into wheelchair charger. A phone charging card is faded in the background.

When you use a power wheelchair you often envy those who use a manual wheelchair. They’re simple, they’re easy and they never need to be charged. Now there’s a reason folks can be envious of your power chair.

Cripple Concepts offers a phone charger to attach to the charger port of a power wheelchair.

The plastic adapter can be used while the chair is being operated. It plugs into the charging port and can host any USB cable needed to support a phone or even a tablet.

John Beaubien tried the Power Port and said it was compact and easy to use to charge his Google Pixel phone.

“I was able to charge my phone quickly with no problems,” Beaubien said. “The price seems a bit high for something like that but I like it so much I might save for it.”

More and more power chair manufacturers are adding such features into chairs but with many people getting more than 10 years out of a wheelchair, the adapter offers people with older chairs a way to keep their phone charged.

The port retails for $45 and can be ordered online at