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. Photo shows white van, wheelchair-accessible, ramp comes out the passenger side rear compartment. A woman in a power wheelchair is going down the ramp and a worker wearing a yellow vest and hat stands beside guiding. Logo on the side of the van is Valley Metro Paratransit.

by Ron Brooks

  1. The changes to Valley Metro Paratransit that took place on July 1, 2017 only impact customers traveling in the East Valley, in the Northwest Valley or those taking regional trips. Phoenix, Glendale and Peoria Dial-a-Ride services have not changed.
  2. Although the start-up was bad, service is improving. Since July 1, on-time performance has improved and service complaints are declining. However, Valley Metro and Transdev are still working to improve service. Transdev has hired additional call center staff, opened a satellite facility in the Northwest Valley and they are making software changes and bringing on additional vehicles and drivers to make service better.
  3. Valley Metro operates a shared-ride public paratransit system. This means that you should expect to share your ride with customers traveling in the same direction as you are traveling. If you have a specific appointment time, tell the agent who books your trip; this will help us run on-time.
  4. Valley Metro Paratransit fares must be paid in cash or tickets. In the past, some drivers accepted credit cards, but this was never the agency approved policy. We will be exploring credit and debit card payment options in the future, but for now, all fares must be paid in cash or with pre-purchased Dial-a-Ride tickets. Phoenix residents may also show their valid Phoenix Dial-a-Ride Monthly Pass.
  5. You should report very good or very poor service by contacting Valley Metro Customer Service at 602-253-5000, by email at or online at

For more information visit or call 602-716-2100

Photo courtesy of Valley Metro