Jim E. Warne Tribal Youth Leadership Award Application

BLIHEMICIYE – Make Yourself Strong

Blihemiciye means to make yourself strong and to have courage. The buffalo nation goes against the wind, like how we can go against difficulties in our lives. They show us not to run, but to stand strong. We are the buffalo nation.
(Warfield Moose, Jr.-Lakota)

Do you know a Native youth with a disability who is making himself or herself stronger each day by choosing to navigate disability challenges? Does this youth utilize cultural/traditional teachings and/or practices to increase resilience against hardship? Does this youth inspire you, their family, and/or community? If so, please complete this form to nominate him/her for the Make Yourself Strong Native Youth Disability Empowerment Leadership Award.


  1. Must be an American Indian youth up to 22 years of age (Include Tribal Nation and DOB)
  2. Currently attending elementary, secondary, or post-secondary school.
  3. How has this youth demonstrated any of the following LEADERSHIP qualities: Respect, Love, Sacrifice, Compassion, Humility, Perseverance, Honor, Truth, Bravery, Fortitude, Generosity, Wisdom, Trust, Self-Advocacy, Responsibility?
  4. What personal strengths has this youth utilized to overcome challenges?
  5. What does this youth plan to do in the future to help other youth and/or his/her community?