Early intervention for people who have new disabilities and are in rehabilitation

Ability360’s Early Intervention Coordinator works with major rehabilitation centers across the Valley to provide peer support, resources and information to people who have new disabilities and their families during their rehabilitation.

Services are designed to identify and meet needs in five areas, including physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and adaptive needs.

Ability360 promotes the Independent Living philosophy; this is the freedom to direct one’s own life.  Every individual has the right to optimize his or her personal choices in work, family, and community life. A commitment to dignity, freedom, and choice for people with disabilities drives the delivery of Independent Living services, programs, and activities.  Our Early Intervention Coordinator facilitates Independent Living philosophy presentations, peer mentoring and other support activities that can assist in the process of learning to adapt to a disability and gaining a positive self-image.

Using community and Ability360 resources to help prepare and navigate the many challenges that arise. Ability360’s Early Intervention Coordinator empowers individuals to successfully live an integrated life.

For more information, please contact:

Don Price
Early Intervention Coordinator

Email: Don Price
Phone: 602-443-0726