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Elections begin in March 2016, when Arizonans will get a chance to vote on important education settlement legislation that will provide more funding for Arizona schools. Many cities will also hold Primary elections for Mayor and City Council members. November will be the general election, and 2016 is a Presidential election year in addition to run-offs in many cities and State Legislature elections.

In order to vote in any election, you need to register. If you have moved or changed your name since the last election, you need to re-register. You can check your voter status on the Secretary of State’s website or with your county elections department. To vote by mail, register with the Permanent Early Voting List at your county elections department. If you are registered as an Independent, you can vote in any primary by contacting your county elections department an asking for a ballot in either the Republican or Democratic primary.

Prepare for the 2016 Elections!
• Register to Vote
• Make sure your information is up to date
• Vote
• Make a difference

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