A letter from Yoshiko Dart

“I am with you always. I love you. Lead on. Lead on.”
Justin Dart, Jr.

Beloved Colleagues in Justice:

I love you!  Justin loved you and continues to love you!
Thank you for your important contributions to humanity every day!
Justin was a long time disability/human rights advocate.

He and I fought for the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA, fought for health care for all Americans including those with preexisting conditions, and supported mental health parity, integrated employment and inclusive education and many more.

Today I need your help to get your friends, family and other people you know to vote in this election.
Turnout will determine who will win this election.  The disability community must focus our energy on turning out voters throughout the USA by millions.

We must vote for candidates that support disability/human rights and services.
Shall we do it, or remain as an ignored, powerless minority?
We are indeed a magnificent majority!

Colleagues, you/we have the power!  Let us use it!  Now is the time.

If we don’t, we have nobody else to blame, but ourselves.

Join me at the polls to vote on November 6th!   .

Justin and I love you!
Together we have overcome.  Together we shall overcome.  We believe in you!

Lead On!!  Lead On!!

Thank you!

Yoshiko Dart