On April 28th, David Carey was honored with the Tempe Mayor’s Adult Disability Award at a reception at the Tempe Historical Museum.  Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell hosted the event and recognized David and several other Tempe community members – for their advocacy and achievements for individuals with disabilities – who have shown dedication and a commitment to improving the quality of life for all of Tempe’s residents.  Congresswoman Kirsten Sinema nominated David saying, “ I have known David for several years and respect his work to advance the rights and independence of people with disabilities and the importance of responsible gun ownership. 

I cannot think of anyone more deserving of Mayor Mitchell’s Disability Award this year…For his years of collaboration, organizing and activism, we all owe David our gratitude and appreciation.”  Representative Chad Campbell, also commended David’s advocacy efforts, “I have known David for as long as I have served in the Arizona House of Representatives, and I consider him one of Arizona’s most respected and effective advocates working for Arizona’s disabled citizens today….during the planning stages of the Light Rail, David was a Light Rail Community Advisory Board member, and he was a key voice in creating best practices and efficient services for disabled transit patrons.”

Phil Pangrazio, ABILITY360 President and CEO, expressed pride and gratitude for David’s role at ABILITY360. “David is an Advocacy Specialist at Arizona Bridge to Independent Living and is the current Chair of the Arizona Disability Advocacy Coalition.  David provides advocacy one-on-one to individuals with disabilities, coordinates ABILITY360’s Advocacy workshops, provides mentoring to youth and adults with autism, and regularly provides testimony to city and state policy makers.

When people call looking for advocacy help, David problem solves, helps them understand service systems and teaches self-advocacy skills so they can navigate the system on their own.  David is also ABILITY360’s health and public transit expert. He helped initiate the Inspire Human Services Cooperative and ABILITY360’s Health and Wellness Fair, now in its fifth year…I wholeheartedly support Mr. Carey’s nomination for Tempe Mayor’s Disability Award for 2014!”