The cast of Theater360

Theater360 Performs Original Works at Herberger

By Johanna Huckeba — Posted (Jan. 13, 2017)

“I Do Disability, Do You?” a play presented by Theater360, tells the real stories of 7 people with varying disabilities from different backgrounds who are united by the truths they have found during their journey of living with a disability.

From the imagery of what it’s like to lie helpless on a cold, dirty bathroom floor in the most vulnerable state imaginable, to being a hot blooded, sexual woman who, yes, has a disability, but has chosen not to be defined by it- these are their raw, un-cut stories.

In the opening scene, each actor spoke the line “It won’t break me”, and that message continued throughout the show. Their stories spoke to the various states of discovery and self awareness that many people have gone through as a part of their journey, exploring some of their darkest times, all the way through their greatest discoveries of self-confidence.

This show has no illusions of painting a picture of life with a disability as easy, but rather acknowledges the areas of personal struggle, and made it a point to take pride in every triumphant moment in which they chose to not be defined by anyone, or anything- “I have a disability, but the disability doesn’t have me.”

See the show for yourself from January 17-19 at the Herberger Theater.